Motor Rock Bistro

Motor Rock Bistro has been serving Cluj-Napoca since early 2017, but don’t let the fact that they’re new to the scene make you feel as these guys don’t know what they’re doing!

Tucano Coffee

The motto of the coffee shop was inspired by era of birth of rock’n’roll and hippie subculture which stood out for its philosophy and people wanting to return to the purity of nature through love, pacifism and freethinking.

The Paintbrush Factory

A former industrial building redefined as an independent art space houses performing and visual arts activities. The Paintbrush Factory is renowned for its artistic community and renovation of the space. You can visit exhibitions, see a play or get a sneak peek of artists working in their studios. If you are into art, you can’t miss this.

Hugo Restaurants

A new concept in the local landscape of restaurants. An innovative and cosmopolitan approach, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a place that balances functionality with good taste. Hugo Restaurants are a family business built by experienced cooking aficionados.

Che Guevara Social Pub

Viva la revolución! We welcome you to Che Guevara Social Pub, named as such, not because of the political subject or with the “Latin”space but because we try to create the atmosphere which is against conformism, falsehood and everything that is outdated in society.

Centre of Interest

The latest centre for contemporary arts and culture in Cluj is an initiative of five local art galleries: Baril, Bazis, Camera, Sabot and Spațiu Intact, in collaboration with over 30 artists and designers from Cluj.

Flying Circus

Flying Circus is not just a club. It’s an undying experience. It’s a place where people are happening, where stories are written. Every night, ’till dawn it has that vibe. It’s that something that makes you feel cozy even if you happen to be alone.

Urania Café.

One of the most famous meeting places in Cluj, when the city was embracing the Viennese model of attitude and architecture, this little piece of Cluj history was revived in the winter of 2016, with the opening of Urania Café.