Che Guevara Social Pub

Viva la revolución! We welcome you to Che Guevara Social Pub, named as such, not because of the political subject or with the “Latin”space but because we try to create the atmosphere which is against conformism, falsehood and everything that is outdated in society.

Scărişoara Glacier Cave

Explore the natural wonders of the Apuseni Mountains, a karst region, visiting Scărişoara cave.

Visas in Romania

Depending on the purpose of your stay and your intentions, it’s important to make sure that you have the correct visa before you travel to Romania. 

The Formalities for Travelling to Romania

Thinking of travelling to Romania? Here’s some of the important information you should read up on before arriving in Romania!

Centre of Interest

The latest centre for contemporary arts and culture in Cluj is an initiative of five local art galleries: Baril, Bazis, Camera, Sabot and Spațiu Intact, in collaboration with over 30 artists and designers from Cluj.

Joben Bistro

Defy the laws of time at Joben Bistro, a magical place where you go back to the enchanting universe of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.

Flying Circus

Flying Circus is not just a club. It’s an undying experience. It’s a place where people are happening, where stories are written. Every night, ’till dawn it has that vibe. It’s that something that makes you feel cozy even if you happen to be alone.

Urania Café

One of the most famous meeting places in Cluj, when the city was embracing the Viennese model of attitude and architecture, this little piece of Cluj history was revived in the winter of 2016, with the opening of Urania Café.

The National Museum of Transylvanian History

Currently, the museum has a large heritage of 440,000 artefacts, illustrating the culture and history of Transylvania, from the Palaeolithic era to the modern day.