LOCAL ELECTIONS: Over 70% of votes for Emil Boc with PNL receiving over 40% county-wide.

Polling station votes have been counted across 182 polling stations in Cluj-Napoca and show that Emil Boc has won the local elections, meaning that he will continue being mayor of Cluj-Napoca.

Cluj-Napoca’s Smart Parking sensors help guide drivers to empty spaces.

The Cluj-Napoca city hall has began to install special parking sensors, created by Bosch, a company with quite a number of specialised development facilities located around the city.

A City for Pedestrians: Strada Universitatii & Mihai Kogalniceanu to become pedestrianised

Cluj-Napoca’s Mayor, Emil Boc, announced on September 8th, 2020, that the auctioning process for modernisation of the historic area of Strada Universitatii and Mihai Kogalniceanu has began.