About Cluj-Napoca.XYZ

Welcome to Cluj-Napoca.XYZ

Our website is aimed at proving the English Speaking Community in Cluj-Napoca, a place to find top-quality information about local businesses and venues, events, news and information, jobs and finding property in Cluj-Napoca.

Why are we doing this?

Simple, this site was designed by people who have an interest and promoting the great opportunities that are all around Cluj-Napoca and making sure that they’re available in a widely spoken language.

Aaron Roberts, originally from Bristol, UK, moved to Romania in 2013 and remembered how difficult it was for him to achieve some of the most essential of tasks due to the lack of Romanian language that he spoke and the lack of information available in English. Therefore, after realising that there wasn’t really a dedicated website or information source for essential information, he decided to go ahead and build one with the support and help of people who share a similar goal.

How we work.

We are entirely independent, we are not affiliated with any particular organisation, group or provided funding. We are a collection of dedicated, creative individuals that aim to provide the best information about everything that anyone visiting, working, investing, studying or living in Cluj-Napoca would want to know.

We work alongside local businesses and organisations to fairly promote their services and with large international organisations, to bring employment opportunities to the English speakers who are seeking work.

Our website is designed to cover all aspects of life in Cluj-Napoca, whether it be access to legal information, all the way through to having a great night out or finding a place to have a nice, relaxing meal with friends. – We have it covered!

How we obtain content

All of our content is original and we obtain our content through 3 major sources:

Our Authors

Our authors are those who have decided to contribute on a regular basis to our website. We’ve handpicked some of the best of the bunch, to make sure that you always get the highest quality content.

Each author has their own style of writing and we encourage everyone on our team to write in a way that reflects their personalities, whilst providing you with quality content.

Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Community

These are local businesses, groups and organisations who have a desire to write about their own venues and projects.

We have very clear community standards to ensure that our articles are published fairly, and impartially. We believe that everyone has the right to write about themselves, so we provide an elegant, moderated platform to achieve this.

Local Sources

It’s not easy to find all of the information we want to share with you, so therefore, we do check out local news websites and other information sources to gain access to additional content which we believe is useful for you.

All of our articles are reviewed and rewritten to ensure that we can make this as relevant and original as possible. But don’t worry, we’re not taking anybody’s else’s work!

Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Reviews

As most, if not all of us live or have lived in Cluj-Napoca, we are quite familiar with some of the local businesses and venues. We aim to provide our own review for each of the businesses that we feature on our website, especially in cases where the business writes their own content.

We provide our rating based on the follwoing criteria:

  • Decor – Is it easy on the eye?
  • Food – How tasty is the food?
  • Drinks – Do they have a nice range of drinks?
  • Prices – Is the place affordable and good value?
  • Service – Were they friendly? Did it take long to be served?
  • English Communication – Of course is the most important part for us and you!

In situations where a venue doesn’t have or offer some of the above criteria, we won’t mark them down, but we’ll be sure you tell you that in our summary.

Do you want to help us?

If you would like to submit some content to our website, we’re always looking for people and businesses who would like to provide an insight or information regarding a particular subject or venue.

Or, if you feel like you’d be a great fit in our team of authors, you can submit content directly to us by clicking the button below:

Submit Content

All of the information you need is contained on that page, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact

Other Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Websites

Our Job Board

Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Jobs

We actually have our own job board. Just like this website, it’s specifically designed to connect English speaking people and companies together. Considering that English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, you can bet that there’s a need for great English speakers everywhere.

It’s completely free to join, apply or post jobs to this website and there are no hidden fees or “premium” upgrades which are going to hold you back connecting with the right people, as the Cluj-Napoca.XYZ service has been set up to benefit the entire community.

You can visit the job site by heading to: https://jobs.cluj-napoca.xyz

Our Property Website

Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Property WebsiteWe also know how important it is to connect with the right property owners and agents. It’s certainly a lot easier if everyone involved is speaking the same language and so we set up our real estate website to ensure that owners and agents who speak English, are easily able to connect with the future owners or tenants that need their property.

We cover residential listings, commercial property and even land! So it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got a space for it on our website. Check it out: https://property.cluj-napoca.xyz