Armin van Buuren is one of the most anticipated performers of the Untold Festival experience, and this year, he demonstrated his relationship with Romania and how electronic music and classical can become one, through a special adaptation of the Romanian National Anthem.

Performing with a full orchestra, with gental synths and tones in the background, he once again demonstrated his seemingly unique relationship with Cluj-Napoca, which he has recently been shooting scenes for his new music video.

As his performance continued, he performed some of his new mixes, as well as some mashups with well known songs such as Van Halen’s “Jump”.

He also performed alongside Josh Cumbee, on the 2017 hit, “Sunny Days” and recent release of “Dont’ give up on me” as well as a collection of other special guests, including, BullySongs, Jordan Shaw, Sam Martin, “Susana”, Trevor Guthrie, and Romanian singer Alexandra Badoi, singing Rising Star, a song with Romanian lyrics.

You can watch the entire live performance here:

During in his performance, he said that he wanted to make sure that this year would be something special by inviting all of these special guests, who all grouped together at what would seemingly have been the climax of the show, in the pouring rain, however in what appears to now be a typical Armin van Buuren style, the show continued for another 2 hours, saying “I’m not going home, if you’re not going home”.

Images created from stills of live performance, streamed live courtesy of Untold Festival.

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