Sunday, February 17, 2019
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I'm a visual artist with a longstanding passion for foreign languages. I hope to bring the best information about cultural events to the people who need it.

  • Oct 2017
    18 October
    Tucano Coffee - Cluj-Napoca

    Tucano Coffee

    The motto of the coffee shop was inspired by era of birth of rock’n’roll and hippie subculture which stood out for its philosophy and people wanting to return to the purity of nature through love, pacifism and freethinking.

  • Sep 2017
    15 September
    The Paintbrush Factory - Cluj-Napoca

    The Paintbrush Factory

    A former industrial building redefined as an independent art space houses performing and visual arts activities. The Paintbrush Factory is renowned for its artistic community and renovation of the space. You can visit exhibitions, see a play or get a sneak peek…

  • Aug 2017
    30 August
    Hugo Restaurants - Cluj-Napoca

    Hugo Restaurants

    A new concept in the local landscape of restaurants. An innovative and cosmopolitan approach, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a place that balances functionality with good taste. Hugo Restaurants are a family business built by experienced cooking aficionados.

  • 24 August
    Scarisoara cave - Alba County

    Scărişoara Glacier Cave

    Explore the natural wonders of the Apuseni Mountains, a karst region, visiting Scărişoara cave.

  • 22 August
    Centre of Interest - Cluj-Napoca

    Centre of Interest

    The latest centre for contemporary arts and culture in Cluj is an initiative of five local art galleries: Baril, Bazis, Camera, Sabot and Spațiu Intact, in collaboration with over 30 artists and designers from Cluj.

  • 22 August
    Joben Bstro - Cluj-Napoca

    Joben Bistro

    Defy the laws of time at Joben Bistro, a magical place where you go back to the enchanting universe of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne.

  • 16 August
    Flying Circus - Cluj-Napoca

    Flying Circus

    Flying Circus is not just a club. It’s an undying experience. It’s a place where people are happening, where stories are written. Every night, 'till dawn it has that vibe. It’s that something that makes you feel cozy even if…

  • 8 August
    The National Museum of Transylvanian History

    The National Museum of Transylvanian History

    The beginnings of the History Museum in Cluj go back to 23rd September 1859, when the Society of the Transylvanian Museum was founded. In 1872 its antiquities, botanical, zoological and mineralogical collections were transferred to the patrimony of the newly-established University…

  • Jul 2017
    31 July
    British Council - Cluj-Napoca

    The British Council library

    Immerse yourself in English language and culture at the local British Council library. You will find hundreds of titles on topics such as literature, science, management, IT or art.

  • 28 July
    Baza Sportivă Gheorgheni

    Sports Complex Gheorgheni

    Free access to sporting facilities. You can play tennis, football or, if you are interested in the playgrounds, there is an adventure park for climbing enthusiasts. Moreover, a 700 m biking lane and paintball area are certain to have huge…

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