Bosch, a well known name and leading supplier of services and technology, has launched a recruitment campaign for those living in Cluj-Napoca and who are interested in working at their factory which is located out the outside of Cluj county in Jucu-Herghelie.

They will host two recruitment events at it’s automotive plant in March, one on March 17th, where they seek to personnel for assembly line operators, automatised process operators, industrial robot operators, quality operators and auxiliary positions, but the company hasn’t mentioned how many open positions they currently have. They will also have a separate event on March 24th for students.

Bosch ClujAlso this year, Bosch plans to launch a new program for the engineers of the future, who are interested in becoming experts in one of the factories many technical areas. The program will last between 18 and 24 months and has openings for 10 trainees and will be held in their training centre which they opened last October.


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