Canalul Morii - Under Ground

It seems that the city hall’s desire to breathe new life into areas which have become lost to modern-day traffic requirements, has just taken a new step to take on one of the most ambitious projects yet.

Many don’t know, that the small canal (Canalul Morii), which runs alongside Strada Andrei Șaguna, near to Piața Mihai Viteazu, actually runs underneath the road of Strada George Barițiu and next to the relatively less-visited, Ion Luca Caragiale park.

The plans are to uncover the paved over river, and create a feature park which runs along-side, as well as to reconfigure the traffic system to adapt to the new plans.

Road Plans for Caragiale Park Renovation
Road Plans for Caragiale Park Renovation

The renovation will cover approximately 5,500 square meters and aims to increase the green and pedestrian space within the center of the city. The work will involve creating a “living fence”, planting new 44 new tress of various species and removing the car park in front of building which currently houses Telekom Romania, and extending the park.

The uncovering of the canal, will also include a pedestrian walkway and bridge, a grassy slope and access steps to the riverside. The park will provide an LED lighting system, new urban furniture, including benches, trash cans, bicycle racks and information panels. On Strada Octavian Petrovici, which runs along the south side of the park, additional bicycle racks will be added and power stations for electric scooters.

During the debate, which took place on February 20th, 2020, it was also suggested that the current skate park should be preserved, especially as it was one the first skate park in the city. This aspect is still being discussed.

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