We have recently launched our Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Jobs board, which is designed entirely for English speakers looking for English speaking jobs in Cluj-Napoca and a place where companies and employers can connect with the talent they require for their teams and projects.

Candidate registration is fast and entirely free and the same goes for companies who post jobs during the introductory period. The job board is the first entirely English-language targeted job board in Romania, and also the first specifically designed for companies and job seekers in Cluj-Napoca.

The website offers a number of useful features to employers, such as, automatic job posting to one of the most popular Facebook job groups in Cluj-Napoca with over 7,500 active members, as well as direct posts to the Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Facebook and Twitter profiles, meaning much higher and faster exposure, without the manual work. The website also offers an internal messaging system, which can be used both by employers and job seekers, in order to track conversations and maintain privacy when desired or appropriate.

Cluj-Napoca Jobs

Candidates have the chance to create elegant and informative resume’s directly on the site, which can then be searched by employers in order to help them connect with the people that are likely to fit well into their organisations, this is something that the candidate has control over and can toggle on or off at any time.

The Cluj-Napoca.XYZ Job board, promises to deliver better value and exposure to the people who use the service and we encourage both job seekers and companies to sign up in order to take advantage of this unique job board.

You can access the website by visiting: https://jobs.cluj-napoca.xyz 


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