The annual festival, featuring a large and diverse range of artists has attracted over 200,000 people, from 30 different countries this year. Despite the mixed weather forecasts, people flocked to the festival in their 1000’s, by bus, car, train and some even by bike, in order to experience the sights and sounds of Electric Castle.

The event is held at the historic site of Banffy Castle, which has a long history dating back to 15th and 16th century. A portion of the funds from the event are used to contribute the up-keep and renovation of the monument to ensure it can be enjoyed and preserved for many years to come. Renate Rosenberer, the PR manager for Electric Castle stated,  “To restore the entire castle, it will cost millions of euros. Until now, we have tens of thousands of euros, money that has been used to renovate the castle by adding floors, windows and other small works.

Banffy Castle is located in the small community of Bontida, which is located in the Cluj County, approx 32km (20 miles) from the city of Cluj-Napoca. The organisers provided on-site camping and bus services to ensure that people are able to attend the festival easily, however, the first day saw 1000’s of people queued at designated bus stations in order to board the bus.

Electric Castle Queue
1000’s of people waited to board busses and enter the festival on the first night (day 0).

Despite the long waits, heavy rain and initial rush to attend, people did manage to enjoy themselves and were treated to great performances on the first day of the festival, with Damien Marley featuring as one of the main artists on the Main Stage.

Jessie J, Groove Armada, Mura Masa, Romare, Nothing But Thieves, Damien Marley, Netsky, Wolf Alice, JP Cooper and The Horrors, were also some of the big names that were attending this year’s festival, but people were hit with some disappointment after it was announced that Saturday’s headline act by London Grammar was cancelled as a result of medical reasons. Some reacted with a level of understanding, other’s expressed their outrage which was directed both towards the organisers and the actual band themselves, as people became skeptical of the reasons to cancel so close to the day of the opening of the festival, with some individuals speculating that the organisers knew of the cancellation but didn’t want to announce it before the festival started, in fear of refund requests. However, Electric Castle did offer refunds for day-tickets purchased for that event and others supported their decision, replying with statements reinforcing the fact that if you have a 5 day pass, you’ll still be attending all of the other events and a refund isn’t really a fair request as a result of one cancellation.

Electric Castle is well known for having unpredictable weather patterns, and despite attempts to hold the festival at different periods in summer, it seems that they still cannot avoid a heavy downpour of rain, so rubber boots and rain coats were in abundance, with the organisers sending push notification weather forecasts whenever rain was due with messages such as, “Showers forecast in the next 30 minutes, time for those funky raincoats” which added a light-hearted feel to the fact you’re about to get soaked to your skin.

Electric Castle Rain

The most anticipated performance, was that by British singer, Jessie J, of which over 45,000 people joined the celebration, singing along to some of her household hits such as, “Pricetag and Nobody’s perfect.

She blew audiences away with her strong vocals but equally touching talks about originality and being yourself. However, the audience was in for a massive treat, when she seemingly plucked a random 10 year old girl out of the crowd, saying “You’re a singer aren’t you? I can tell by the way you were singing my songs, come up here, you’re going to have my 4 minutes.”

Electric Castle Festival ??Held in the Transylvanian domain of the Bánffy Castle, near Cluj-Napoca in Romania ✨ 22nd July 2018 ? I had seen the security were keeping some fans behind a screen so I asked them to come forward to the front. About 200+ heartbeats tan and watched at the front of the barriers. The love and passion in their eyes was UNREAL. I noticed this little girl. I said “Can you sing, I feel like you can” she said “Yes” I said “I have 20 mins left in my set and 15 mins of music, that means I have 5 minutes of time. I want to give those 5 minutes to you” Her face lit up ?❤️✨ she ran up on stage… I asked her name “Adalia and I am 10 years old” I whispered in her ear “do you want to sing Price tag” she said “No Jessie J I want to sing masterpiece” that was the next song on the setlist. I was like “Okaaaaay girl let’s go – track or acoustic” Adalia said “track” I said “first or second verse” she said “first please” WHEN Atalia opened her mouth to sing. EVERY person in the audience / my band / my crew and I were blown away!!!! MAGIC!!! WOW!!! Those moments you can’t stage. Light, energy, love gave us all that moment. Atalia you gave me one of my favourite moments of my whole career. You blessed our ears and our hearts. THANK you for showing me how brave, fearless, professional and bright you are. When we finished i said “anything you would like to say to the audience” she said “I love them” ?? It was one of the most inspiring things that has happened on stage for me in a long time. I feel lucky I got to sing with you. ❤️

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The 10 year old girl, named Adalia, from Cluj, joined Jessie J on stage and performed “Masterpiece” a song which the young girl actually performed at Gala T-Dance, not knowing she was going to sing live with one of the biggest names in pop music in the world.

Some photos of Electric Castle covering Day 1, 2 and 5 can be found on Facebook here. (by ALR Photography).

Organisers have already started the sale of next year’s tickets at 299 lei, approx €65.00, as a “super early-bird” price with a limited number of tickets available, which sold out within one day of the announcement. Future tickets can be purchased via this link: 


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