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Local Business Specialist

Local Business Specialist 1779 views2 applicationsWe’re looking for someone who knows their way around Cluj-Napoca, or someone who is willing to explore the city and connect with local businesses and help us expand the content on our website. Cluj-Napoca.XYZ offers a range of different services, but one of our primary goals, is to have as many of the fantastic local businesses as we can, have an article on our website. This position is for someone who would like to network with local businesses, build a relationship with their management team and encourage them to write an article for our growing website of information about venues and places to visit in Cluj-Napoca. YOUR PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITES WOULD BE:Connecting with senior personnel or decision-makers at local businessesMaintain a relationship with the local businessPromote the Cluj-Napoca.XYZ website and fully understand our servicesEncourage businesses to write an article for our websiteThe entire service is free and we have rece..

Junior Content SEO Coordinator

Junior Content SEO Coordinator 1494 views Job Expired Job DescriptionUnder the direction of the SEO Manager and Lead SEO Coordinator, the Junior SEO Content Coordinator will work with SEO content using Google Docs and creating automated pages in WordPress platforms using that content. You will be responsible for creating SEO content or adapting existing content, importing your work into the WordPress system, creating pages and testing your work or other colleagues’ work. The Junior SEO Content Coordinator is expected to work according to priority and guidelines, paying great attention to detail, and staying within the deadlines provided to them, proactively communicate any questions or impediments which may result in delays. Other tasks might include Google Analytics audits, reporting tasks, adding content on different sites, SEO site audits, proofreading for English grammar and spelling of your own content or content created by others, building Google Docs with specific required data ..

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Social Media Marketing Coordinator 967 views2 applicationsIf you spend most of your day on Instagram, Facebook and other popular social media platforms, then you already know how important it is to promote and be present on those services, and it’s equally important for us. Right now, we’re a small team, trying to expand and bring information and enjoyment to anyone who “stumbles upon” (yes that’s a reference) our content. Cluj-Napoca is a great city, and we want to share our experiences, the beauty and everything great that there is about living here, and you can help us with that! We’re looking for a volunteer to help us with locating content and keeping our social media streams alive with beautiful photos, rich information and useful tips about Cluj-Napoca! You will have the chance to understand trends, how to measure what works and what doesn’t and adapt the style to the demand! Whether you are seeking a career in Social Media Advertising, or simply want to improve your own social ..

Local Journalist / Reporter

Local Journalist / Reporter 948 views1 applicationWe’re looking for someone who has a passion for writing and wishes to demonstrate their journalistic skills by joining our growing team. You can work at your own place, contribute whenever you can and work entirely from home or even from your mobile device. Cluj-Napoca.XYZ is a project aimed at supporting the English Speaking Community living, working and visiting Cluj-Napoca. We offer a range of different services and types of information, and now we’re looking to expand on our local news content. If you have experience working in, or have studied journalism, and would like to expand your portfolio, we’d love to hear from you! By working with us, you’ll have the opportunity to provide rich, immersive content to our visitors and provide up-to-date information to the people who visit our website. All of the articles you write will be published in the News section of our website, to our Facebook page and published to Twitter & LinkedIn. E..