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Event Submission Rules

In order for an event to be approved on Cluj-Napoca.XYZ, you must ensure that it meets the following criteria:

Permitted Submissions:

  • Situated within Cluj-Napoca, or direct surrounding areas
  • Paid or free admission
  • Organised in accordance with legal and sanitary obligations
  • Not-for-profit community events open to the public and not exclusionary in nature, located within or adjacent to the city limits and meet the definition of a qualifying event

Not Permitted:

  • Political or religious advertising
  • Events not open to all members of the public
  • Discriminate, hostile, or extremist activities
  • Fundraisers that are not part of an actual “event”

Additional Requirements:

  • Content must be in English
  • You have the rights to publish any included media on Cluj-Napoca.XYZ
  • You accept full responsibility for the accuracy of information you publish
  • You are responsible to amend content, cancel or reschedule an event

When adding the organiser or venue, please search before adding a new entry, this may result in a conflict and your event may not be displayed.

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