Cluj-Napoca is to receive the first electric busses in Romania, by March 2018.

This move comes after the Cluj-Napoca City Hall (Primaria Cluj-Napoca) has completed their offer on purchasing as many as 30 electric busses. This has been announced on Facebook by the current town mayor, Emil Boc. The completion of the contract means that the first 11 busses are to arrive in Cluj-Napoca within 9 months, so we can expect to see them by March 2018.

Solaris Logo
Solaris will be responsible for the maintenance of the new busses.

These new busses can hold 78 seated people, come with Wi-Fi, CCTV, air conditioning and accessibility features and have a 5 year warranty with the maintenance of these busses being provided by Solaris, who were the winning company of the agreement, Emil Boc informs.

The cost of one of these busses is around €500,000 and the money for the first 11 will be funded by 85% from Swiss funds and the remaining 15% from local funds, with the remaining 19 busses to be purchase from a combination of local and European funding.

The busses can run for a total of 105km (approx 65 miles) and will be charged at 13 stations, with charge times ranging from 10 minutes for a “fast charge” to 6 hours for a “slow charge”.

Major Upgrades

This upgrade to the transport network comes as a great addition the the various improvements which have been taking place over the past few years in the city. With the addition of dedicate bus lanes and upgrades to the streets and surfaces, these new electric busses will set an example to not just other cities in Romania, but other cities around the world.

Bucharest plans to purchase around 100 electric busses and set up 30 dedicated charging stations around the city for electric cars and busses in public parking lots.

Emil Boc Buying a Ticket from the Automated Ticket Machine
Emil Boc Buying a Ticket from the Automated Ticket Machine

Cluj-Napoca saw the addition of unattended ticket purchasing kiosks, which also features the ability to purchase a contactless card which can be used to store tickets or credit. Also, there’s the ability to send an SMS and receive a electronic ticket, directly to your phone, which is valid for a specific period of time.

All of this, and the news of these 30 new electric busses, improves efficiency, reliability and the experience of anyone using the public transport network in Cluj-Napoca.


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