Next week, (Mon 26 Feb – Thurs, 1st Mar) is set to be a cold one. With forecast temperatures to be between -10°C and -22C, people are being warned to not venture outside unless it’s completely necessary.

It’s common for low temperatures to hit the city around this time of year but the people of Cluj may have recently been fooled by the mild winter that we have so far experienced, many blame climate change for the sudden changes in temperature, some have other theories, but regardless of the reason, it’s definitely going to be a cold week, which raises concerns for those who are not able to seek shelter in a warm environment.

Assistance for the Homeless

Emil Boc, mayor of Cluj-Napoca, has announced that the city has in total, 150 spaces for accommodation of homeless people, of these 110 are located in the cities help centres on the streets of Dragoș Vodă and Oașului. The city hall through the Direcția de Asistență Socială și Medicală (Directorate of Social and Medical Assistance) (, and the collaboration of Uniunea Creștină (The Christian Union) and Prison Fellowship România are offering a combined total of 40 extra spaces for the assistance homeless individuals.

Assisting the Homeless
Photo: Municipiul Cluj-Napoca Facebook

In Cluj-Napoca we manage to provide homeless people with a bed, food, heat and hygiene. At the same time, those in in city hall centres benefit from advice in obtaining social assistance rights and getting jobs. – Emil Boc
The cities local police have identified 45 homeless people within the city and actions continue to locate and assist more individuals.

Those located were assisted by police into the temporary housing shelter on Strada Dragoș Vodă number 36, where they were handed over to the Direcția de Asistență Socială și Medicală. Upon being admitted, each individual receives services and assistance which will help them reintegrate into society.

Assisting the Homeless
Photo: Municipiul Cluj-Napoca Facebook

The people of Cluj, can provide support the effort by contacting the Poliţia Locală using the details below, whenever they discover a homeless person in need of assistance as temperatures such as these can be fatal to those who are not able to access a warm and sheltered place and we urge those who needs assistance to accept the help when it’s provided as it is very important that people who live under extremely precarious conditions, especially families with children, accept the help of city hall during these very low temperatures and continue actions for their identification and advice.


Contact Details:

The phone numbers citizens can call if they see homeless people are:
0264.955 or 0264 59 87 84 (Dispatcher of the Local Police of Cluj-Napoca, available 24/7).


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