Motor Rock Bistro has been serving Cluj-Napoca since early 2017, but don’t let the fact that they’re new to the scene make you feel as these guys don’t know what they’re doing! I’d love to  talk about how good the food is, how cold the beer is and how pleasant the music is, we got up close and personal with the owner of Motor Rock Bistro, and let me tell you, he’s one heck of a guy.

So, about the food… OH BOY! The food is delicious and plenty. The chef is a goddess in the kitchen. We even had a chance to see her work and let me tell you, she cares about every little detail, no plate leaves the kitchen without her watching over it. Also most of the items in the menu have sides and souses included at no extra charge. So that’s pretty cool. We would go as far as to say that they serve some of the best ribs in town!

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We usually hate talking about prices, as every place has their price point and that can always be seen in the quality and quantity of the food. However, at Motor Rock Bistro, you get your money’s worth, plenty of great tasting food for a very fair price.

If you’re looking to enjoy a cold beer, they have that too. One that caught our eye was the Csiki Sor which from what we understood comes from Harghita county. It differs in taste from the other beers so we would recommend trying it. As far as cocktails and shots go, they are still working on their menu and they will keep us updated with the new delicious drinks they will come up with. So stay tuned!

We won’t talk about the place itself. We’ll let the pictures and the owner paint us a picture of the place.

Q: First of all, what inspired you to open this bistro?
A: A long passion for rock music, motorcycles and of course, good food.

Q: Can you tell us something about the décor and the music.
A: As soon as you walk in you can hear the music playing, the guitar riffs soothing you and carrying you inside. There are bikes lying around in almost every corner of the bistro, chains hanging from the ceiling and guitars fixed on the wall.

Q: Why should people visit your bistro?
A: Well, if the music itself and décor won’t convince you, I’m 100% sure that the food will. We serve only the best.

Q: How did you choose the menu?
A: The concept I had about the food was to be good and plenty. I hated going to restaurants, paying a lot of money and never leaving with a full stomach, so this was one of the key elements in choosing the food for our menu.

So there you have it, a great place with good music built on passion and delicious food. What more can you ask from a bistro honestly? Be sure to check out their place and menu online at and don’t be afraid to order online as they just started their delivery system.

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