UPDATE: As cases in Cluj-Napoca have now risen above 3/1000, the local authority has made the decision to close the venues mentioned below, for at least 14 days, starting from February 14th 2021.

Now that the rate of infection in Cluj-Napoca has dropped to 2.97/1000, restaurants, cafes, cinemas and other related venues will be allowed to operate indoor service from Feb 9th, with a restriction of 30% capacity. In addition, schools will enter they “Yellow” scenario, meaning more students will be able to return.

This marks the first time since the new COVID restrictions began, where businesses have been able to serve customers within closed spaces. Many businesses have resorted to creating heated terrace spaces, allowing them to operate during the time where the “RED” level of restrictions were in force.

Also, schools began re-opening on February 8th, with capacity for schools being measured as follows:

  • Green – Re-opening of schools where infection rate is less than 1/1000 and face-to-face classes are permitted.
  • Yellow – Schools in localities where the infection rate is less than 3/1000 will open children within primary education (grades 1 to 4) and for students in classes 8 , 12, 13. Kindergardens will remain open.
  • Red – Schools in localities where the infection rate is over 3/1000 will be open for primary school students (grades 1 to 4) and kindergartens will also be open, even in the event of high infection rates.

From Feburary 9th, schools in Cluj-Napoca will be categorised as “Yellow”.

Former Cluj prefect, Mircea Abrudean said, “In Cluj-Napoca, the rate is 2.97 and the CJSU will re-evaluate the measures in 14 days, and tomorrow, February 9, at midnight, the restrictions will be partially lifted , especially in the HoReCa field, the most affected during this period. . Basically, the restaurants will be able to function indoors , at a maximum capacity of 30% of the seats, cinemas, cafes, cultural institutions”.

The situation in Cluj-Napoca will be reveiwed every 14 days.

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