The International Committee Cluj, wrote to the prefect of Cluj County, to request information about the process for individuals and employers of foreign individuals, to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination.

The first section (in bold), highlights the process for individuals resident in Romania, regardless of their employment status. The rest of the response is the process for individuals receiving vaccines as a part of their working arrangements.

The original letter can be viewed here:

The response, provided by Prefectura Cluj was issued in Romanian and translated below:



For the attention of Mr. Antonio PATANE, president

Regarding your request for information on the vaccination procedure among the foreign civilian population established in Cluj, I hereby inform you that the same procedure that applied to Romanian citizens will also apply in their case. The difference is that foreign citizens who request to be vaccinated against the SARS-Cov2 virus must possess a foreign citizen CNP (personal identification code) and a residence permit registered in the National Electronic Vaccination Registry (RENV).

By accessing the national platform using the link and clicking on the section SCHEDULE (PROGRAMEAZA-TE), you will be able to enroll individually or as a collective, as a legal person, in which case, you will have to register the employees in different categories for stages II or III, depending on the situation.

I must remind you that the second stage includes the population at risk and the workers who carry out activities in essential domains. You can find out more details about this classification and other essential information only by accessing the link above.


Mircea ABRUDEAN, Prefect

Signature and stamp

Service chief: Mircea BOCA – signature
Drafted by: Ioana Marcon, – signature

This document contains personal data protected by the EU 679/2016 Regulation.

Starting the 15th of January, vaccination among the second population group included in the COVID-19 National Vaccination Strategy will begin. This category includes the institutions and organizations working in essential domains.

How do you schedule for the vaccine and the booster administration?

1. Through the employer who registers the legal person in the vaccination procedure and can schedule their own staff. 


2. Each employee individually, after they have been previously added in the system by the employer.

What do you have to do before registering on the platform?

The first step is to appoint a person responsible for registering the organization on the platform This person must hold a valid digital certificate to be able to electronically sign the representation declaration for the registration of the legal person.

It is also important to centralize the employees’ personal data (surname, name, CNP, ID series, and number, phone number, email address).

The organizations and institutions with a large number of employees may choose and appoint responsible persons for each department or subordinate structure to centralize the data and schedule the employees on the platform.

How do you register the institution or organization?

After logging in, the responsible person has to set up their profile by entering their personal data. Afterward, they have to read and accept the Usage Policy.

Each account has a correspondent phone number that has to be verified by entering the 6-digit code received via text message.

The next step is registering the legal person on the platform. In the first tab, the Unique Registration Code (CUI) or Fiscal Identification Code (CIF) is entered. Based on it, the system validates the legal person.

Then, the legal person’s risk group and the risk group sub-category are selected.

The application generates a representation declaration for the legal person that has to be electronically signed as per a valid digital certificate and uploaded in the system.

Upon completing the registration, it is possible to select the legal persona and schedule people for the vaccination procedure.

How do you schedule for the vaccine administration?

I. The employer can make the appointment

In the Beneficiaries menu, you must enter the personal data of those who wish to be vaccinated, the place of residence, and the population group they belong to.

! Import beneficiaries -> Moreover, to support institutions and organizations with a large number of employees, the platform allows you to upload an electronic list containing the personal data of the beneficiaries, according to the format provided in the application.

The next step is to schedule the people for the vaccination procedure. To do this, you must select a person, choose the vaccination center, and based on the availability, choose the date and time when you wish the vaccine and booster dose to be administered.

After completing all the steps, you will be able to see the summary of the appointment and you have to accept the data accuracy declaration.

In the end, it is possible to download the receipt containing the appointments. The appointments you made may be edited or cancelled.  

II. The employee can make an appointment individually

Upon accessing the platform, the employee must login with their CNP and the unique code received via text message.

Important notice! It is possible to log in only if the employer has previously entered the beneficiary in the system.

After entering the platform, the employee will be able to schedule an appointment individually. They must click the schedule button (Programeaza-te), select a vaccination center and then, based on the availability, choose the date and time when they wish the vaccine and booster dose to be administered.

After completing all the steps, the employee will be able to see the summary of the appointment and, in the end, they can download the receipt, edit, or cancel the appointment.

Registering with an existing legal person

The institutions and organizations that have subordinated structures or departments with a large number of employees may grant them access through the function – Register with a legal person(Inregistreaza-te la o persoana juridica) found in the Legal person management menu (Gestionare persoane juridice).

This way, the registered institution shares with their subordinated structures or departments the unique code based on which they can register. The code can be viewed in the upper right corner, next to the legal person’s name.

After entering the unique code, the legal person with whom the association is made must accept the registry request of the subordinated structures.

Afterward, the same steps are followed in order to add and make appointments for beneficiaries.

The original Romanian response can be read here:

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