Polling station votes have been counted across 182 polling stations in Cluj-Napoca and show that Emil Boc has won the local elections, meaning that he will continue being mayor of Cluj-Napoca.

After parallel counting of the votes from the stations, Emil Boc obtained a very high score of 74.76%, with the next highest candidate, Emanuel Ungureanu of USR-PLUS, achieving 8.25%

Over the past 4 years, Cluj-Napoca has undergone quite a transformation, with entire areas being completely revitalised, mandatory building renovations, and pedestrianisation of some streets. There has also been over €100m from EU funds being spent on replacing and upgrading public transport. Also projects were undertaken for upgrading infrastructure, adding dedicated bus / cycle lanes, charging stations, new parking garages as well as refurbishing some of the bridges around the city.

You can view a video (Romanian) of the 2016-2020 report here.

Many consider Emil Boc to be a forward-thinking mayor, with a mindset similar to those of other Western European countries. This is believed to be one of the reasons that Cluj has continued to benefit from development, investment and also the highest absorption rate of EU funding across Romania.

Some of the upcoming major projects that Emil Boc has taken on, include the addition of a rail service, connecting the outside communities to the city, in an aid to reduce traffic entering the city, as well as the metropolitan belt, which will allow vehicles to travel to the opposite sides of the city, without the need to pass through the centre, an area which is often considered to have extremely bad congestion.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Venues in Cluj to close from 12 Oct due to rise in COVID-19 Cases

Due to the fact that the number of COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Cluj, the Cluj County Committee for Emergency Situations (Comitetul Județean pentru Situații de Urgență Cluj), have announced that venues across the county will be closed from October 12th, for a minimum of 10 days and until the amount of cases drops to be low 1.5/1000.

Romania’s Tallest Residential Building is Taking Shape in Cluj-Napoca

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COVID-19: Cluj County under new restrictions starting Oct 22

The Institution of the Prefect for Cluj County (Instituția Prefectului – Județul Cluj) has announced new restrictions following the continued increase of COVID-19 cases in Cluj over the past few days. The county has now entered the “Red Zone”, and with this, come a number of restrictions, including the obligation to wear a mask in all public spaces.