The Cluj-Napoca city hall has began to install special parking sensors, created by Bosch, a company with quite a number of specialised development facilities located around the city.

The installation is a part of the “City Parking” project, and will allow drivers to be guided to the nearest, vacant parking space, using a mobile app called “City Parking”, which can be downloaded and installed via the Google Play store for Android or App Store for iOS devices.

There will be over 1,200 sensors installed and is the first city in Romania to start using this technology, aimed at increasing the quality of life for those living in the city.

This will come as welcome news to drivers, who can find themselves driving around 1-way systems in order to locate a parking space, this is especially true in the centre of the city, which is where the vast majority of these sensors will provide the service, which updates in real-time.

Some of the streets included in the project are:

  • Argeș
  • Fortăreței
  • Piața Ștefan cel Mare
  • Piața A. Iancu
  • Clinicilor, Învățătorului
  • V. Babeș
  • Sindicatelor
  • Cotită
  • Tipografiei
  • Gaal Gabor
  • E. Zola
  • David Ferenc
  • S. Brassai
  • V. Alecsandri
  • Paul Chinezu
  • C. Daicoviciu
  • V. Fulicea
  • Universității
  • H. Oberth
  • Șt. O. Iosif
  • S. Micu
  • O. Petrovici
  • M. Kogălniceanu
  • I. Maniu
  • I. C. Brătianu
  • Eroilor
  • E. Isac
  • E. de Martonne
  • J. Bolyai
  • Baba Novac

At the time of writing, 61 sensors have already been installed at Piața Ștefan cel Mare and Aleea Învățătorului, with a goal of installing an additional 250 sensors along Victor Babeș, Samuil Micu, Clinicilor, Baba Novac and Universității.

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