Oscar-winning actor, Nicholas cage, arrived in Cluj-Napoca on 31 May 2019 in order to receive the Transylvanian Trophy for Contribution to World Cinema during this year’s Transylvania International Film Festival.

Nicholas Cage has starred in a number of well known movies, including Gone in 60 Seconds, Knowing and even received an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1995’s “Leaving Las Vegas”.

He will be in Cluj-Napoca, between May 31st and June 2nd and was originally going to be presented his award during a special event at “Piaţa Unirii Open Air”.

On Sunday, (June 2nd) he will continue his visit at the historic Bonțida Bánffy Castle where attendees will watch a screening of Mandy, a horror film starring Cage.

There will also be a unique meeting between the star and members of the festival for a masterclass.

This is not Nicholas Cage’s first visit to Romania. In 2010, he shot on the streets of Bucharest and at Bran Castle for “Ghost Rider”.

Award Presentation

The award ceremony took place inside of Casa de Cultură a Studenților (The Student Culture House) due to the weather not being favorable.

He reflected on two movies that he worked on in Romania, Dying of the Light and Ghost Rider, saying that he was happy to be back and that he feels a powerful and good spirt being here, which influenced him and his work for the better and hopes to make another movie here.

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