The Centre of Interest is a community of art-makers & distributors of contemporary art deriving its name from the part of the picture which attracts the viewer’s mind. Conceived as a centre for contemporary arts and culture in Cluj, it is an initiative of five local art galleries: Baril, Baziș, Camera, Sabot and Spațiu Intact, in collaboration with over 30 artists and designers from Cluj. The institution is housed by an industrial building in the immediate vicinity of the railway station (Fabrica de Chibrituri Street, no.9) and spreads over an area of 3,000 square metres, comprising 5 art galleries, 5 project spaces and dozens of artist studios. The admission is free

Exhibitions at the Centre of Interest

The Centre opened on 8 June 2017 with Bill Viola‘s show ‘Encounters’ at BAZIȘ contemporary, Cristi Puiu‘s ‘Sieranevada’ at Baril, ‘3 shells and a square game’ by Radu Comșa, Irina Dumitrașcu Măgurean and Vlad Olariu at Camera. Miklos Moskal’s ‘Bones’ was hosted by Sabot art gallery, while many other projects were on display.

‘A Flamingo, a Camel and an Owl walk into a Gallery’ – Joe Fletcher Orr, at SABOT
The exhibition is an unexpected meeting with Picasso’s animals and an answer to the question: ‘How can British humor be used to undermine the authority of the artwork?’. The famous drawings from a line will become sculptures, will be placed in an unusual space and will be painted in the gallery – the color of Citroën Xsara Picasso’s automobiles.

Centre of Interest - Cluj-Napoca

‘Anything Can Be_A Car’ – Karel Verhoeven, at CAMERA
The exhibition presents a mix of paintings and photos that show parking spaces marked as ‘taken’ by means of different objects. Visitors are invited to take an image of the wall and send an image back to the artist.
‘Unfair Show’ – Cristina Garrido, at BARIL
The collaboration between the gallery and the Spanish artist began in December 2016, when Cristina Garrido was an artist in residence at Baril. The exhibition explores the physical and conceptual distance between what we see and its context. Three bags of widely known art institutions have been repainted and transformed into paintings. The logo & names of the institutions -Museo Reina Sofía, Frieze Masters & Hauser & Wirth – themselves impose a value, as they are power symbols within the art system.
‘Voila, c’est tout’- Valérie Mréjen, at SPAȚIU INTACT
The artist’s work is inspired by memories, the small events of everyday life, by cruel and superfluous details, platitudes or misunderstandings of existence. In different five short-films Valérie Mréjen traces ‘everyday dramas’, especially the disturbed and dismayed communication between lovers, couples, parents and their children. Valérie Mréjen’ first solo exhibition in Cluj can be seen at Spațiu Intact until the end of September 2017.

Centre of Interest - Cluj-Napoca

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  • Address: Strada Fabricii de Chibrituri 9, Cluj-Napoca
  • Telephone: +40 727 677 720
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  • Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

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