It may seem as though the laws in Romania are constantly changing and adapting, however, a few laws were introduced recently, which you should be aware of.

Entry without a warrant or permission

A new law will come into affect at the end of January 2020, which provides the Romanian police the ability to enter a home without a warrant or owner’s permission, under certain circumstances.

Examples of such circumstances are whether the police have reasonable belief that someone within the property is in danger, they are the author of a serious crime or if a terrorist is hiding in the location.

Increase in fines for not presenting ID

In the event that someone refuses to present their ID, the police may fine the individual up to 1,500 lei.

Higher fines for noisy neighbours

Police will now be able to fine individuals significant sums, who disturb their neighbours with loud noises, such as music, construction, shouting etc.

In the event that the individual continues to cause disturbance and the police are called for a second time within less than 24 hours, the police will be able to fine those responsible 3,000 lei.

If the disturbance is the result of a party in a tent or a location which is not specifically designated for such entertainment, the fine will be 4x the amount if the police are called a second time.

Mobile Device use when driving

Drivers using a mobile device, whilst in motion, can be sanctioned 4 penalty points. If this also contributes towards another traffic offense, the driver will be fined 1,200 lei and the suspension of the driver’s license will be made for 30 days.

Mobile devices include any device which can be used to make calls, send messages, record videos or take photos.

This law came into affect on October 12th 2019, after the number of road accidents incrased in recent years, where drivers have been streaming live on the internet.

Within the first month, 4,115 people were fined and 638 had their license suspended.


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