At the time of posting this article, from January 1st, 2019 until today (January, 22nd, 2019), there has been at least 10 serious road accidents reported in Clujby local news site Ziua de Cluj, with the most recent accident being reported in the early hours of January 21st, unfortunately resulting in the death of a young female student.

Sunday night, Gabriela (Gabi) Rîpan was in a Mercedes car that belongs to her, along with her boyfriend. The driver was a 19-year-old from Cluj. The two were on the way between Gilău and Cluj-Napoca, when the driver went into an overrun and lost control of the steering wheel whilst travelling at excess speeds. He lost control of the car and then hit a metal pole at the side of the road, splitting the car in two, killing 20-year old Gabi and severely injuring the 19-year old male driver.

It’s well known that some irresponsible and often young drivers, use the long-stretches of road both within Cluj-Napoca, the surrounding areas, and in fact the entire country, to drive at excessive and sometimes fatal speeds, usually in a bid to impress passengers or street-race with other drivers.

According to, there are a number of speed and safety cameras across the city, however, it seems that these are not taken seriously and driving over the speed limit, even on residential streets, continues on a daily basis.

We are creating a poll in order to gauge support for more speed enforcement devices to be installed across the entire city, with hefty fines and / or criminal charges to be applied to those who exceed the speed limit or pass through red lights.

Please simply answer the two questions below in order to cast your vote.

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