The project began from the idea that you can find the ideal co-working space, one that encompasses everything Cluj offers, but on a smaller scale. This type of activity has been gaining ground with the IT and entrepreneurship community, as the city of Cluj is becoming a regional hub in this field.

4cowork - Cluj-NapocaThe team has identified the need for a co-working area which covers the requirements of freelancers and entrepreneurs starting out, in addition to courses or conferences meant to improve their personal performance.

We have felt the need for a temporary office, but with all the facilities provided by the home company (assistant, print centre, interview waiting room, plenty of coffee and tea). The service is aimed at companies in the process of expanding, developing associations with local partners or carrying out employment/training campaigns.

Considering all the facilities the space has, in terms of surface, number of seats and services, we believe our team has managed to make available a co-working area suitable for the local environment.

4cowork - Cluj-NapocaOnce you enter the building using your smartphone, our assistant will welcome you and direct you to have a coffee or tea. On the ground floor, you’ll find a networking area for meetings with friends or collaborators, along with a presentation room.

The true working space is set on the first floor, with specially designed offices for teamwork and a Skype/ phone conference room. Just like on ground level, there’s a small well equipped kitchen. Brainstorming and solitary work is best done in the semi-basement. Here, courses and presentations of new technologies will be held.

Services and facilities:

  • Smart Access
  • Assistant’s office open from 8-17h
  • 50 seats (individual, in collective or dedicated areas)
  • Presentation room – 30 seats
  • HD Video projector, print – workcentre Xerox 7545 – SR A3 colour laser
  • Wi-Fi service from 2 Internet providers
  • Refrigerator, dishwasher, espresso machine, microwave
  • Recreation area – Under Construction
  • Locker room
  • Air conditioning
  • Video surveillance
  • Catering and car rental in collaboration with our partners

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The building featuring remarkable architecture is located on str. Paul Chinezu, nr.4, in the city’s historical centre, a quiet area, not far from the facilities you’d expect in a central area: city hall, office buildings, banks and entertainment spots. You can reach the address by car, public transit, bicycle etc.


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