A brief history of the project.

The project “O masa calda”, which translated means “A hot meal” was set up in June 2013 by a group of professors and students at the Department of Political Science in Cluj-Napoca.

Hosted by one of the city’s social canteens, our group of volunteers began preparing 50 warm meals each Thursday, from 2pm – 4pm. recipients received the food at 4pm and gathered in Piața Muzeului (Museum Square).

Four months later, and with an expanding team of volunteers, the project was extended to the city hall’s shelter. 60 people hosted by the shelter receive a warm meal each Thursday since October 2013, prepared by the shelter’s kitchen.

The recipients also receive “special” meals on holidays, with volunteers painting eggs on Easter or gather donations and gifts on Christmas.

From Autumn 2013, we began delivering warm meals for a daycare centre which hosts 15 children and today, we collaborate with three daycare centres in Cluj-Napoca, hosting around 90 children. Once children became a distinct group of recipients, we began receiving weekly donations of homemade cakes from locals, freshly made and delivered with the warm meal, each Thursday.

On October 1st, 2014, the Faculty of Political Science, opened a new cafeteria for it’s students and staff, whilst becoming our third kitchen in the city. Around the same date, the first “O masa calda” kitchen was opened in Bucharest, for a group of 80 recipients.

In April of 2015, O masa calda kitchen was opened in the city of Bistrita, serving over 70 people, each Tuesday and in Autumn of 2015, we extended to Satu Mare. Every Friday, over 90 warm meals are provided to residents of the Night Shelter of the Adult Social Emergency Centre.

Where are we today?

From June 2013 with 50 recipients, to today and serving over 900 people each week, of all ages. We have multiple kitchens and have expanded into over 5 locations around Romania.

Our volunteers now consist of hundreds of people, including the initial students and professors from the Department of Political Science in Cluj-Napoca, with volunteers joining us on an almost weekly basis.

We prepare a different meal each week and consists of meat, carbs and vegetables. A portion weighs around 350g with ingredients purchased the same day and food is served within 1 hour of cooking.

Since we started each portion costs on average, 2 lei (approx €0.5) and we buy our ingredients from the local markets, local producers and in large quantities which receive discounts.

How are we funded?

We are funded exclusively from on-going donations and sponsorship.

Website: http://www.omasacalda.ro/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omasacalda

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