Depending on the age of the building in which you will be renting or buying your accommodation, bathrooms can vary significantly in terms of quality. Just like kitchens, bathrooms can greatly affect the rental price of a property, however, again, if the bathroom is original, with classic fixtures, this will not necessarily decrease the cost of the rent.

Old bathrooms in old apartment buildings are sometimes a major dealbreaker for some people. Due to the nature of retiling the entire bathroom and installing a new bath or shower being expensive, many apartment owners will simply keep the original fixtures and fittings.

Depending on the condition of the bathroom and the facilities provided, you should consider whether or not the accommodation meets your needs or not. Obviously, a number of factors are based on your own personal preferences, and don’t loose out on an otherwise great apartment, just because the bathroom doesn’t have a jacuzzi bath or fancy shower. But you should be prepared to check and discuss the following points:

  • Are there any damage to tiles?
  • Is the bathroom clean and will it be cleaned before you move?
  • Are there any leaks?
  • How is the water pressure, especially during peak usage hours?
  • Are there any issues with drainage?
  • Are there any problems with smells from lower apartments or connected drains?
  • Is the bathroom furniture fixed to the wall, or freestanding?
  • Is there a window or functional air ventilation system?
  • If there’s a shower, does it leak?
  • Do you have a communal heating system for the hot water?

All of these points are something that can greatly affect your experience when renting a property and shouldn’t be disregarded, as this is one of the only rooms in the property that “upgrades” or “improvements” are very hard to carry out, are time consuming and are usually are very expensive.


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