Having good knowledge of the area and who your neighbours are, is another important factor to consider when choosing a place to live. Some of the reasons that areas are more desirable than others, are rooted in their connection to other areas of the city and ease-of-access using public transport. On the flip-side, the reason that some areas are less desirable are for the same reasons, as well as the risk of anti-social behaviour.

Most areas in Cluj are peaceful and restless neighbours aren’t something that most of us have to deal with, which is great! If you’re renting accommodation, you should be particularly careful and making sure that you don’t upset your neighbours, as this can result in complications or even the threat of eviction.

Peaceful Neighbours

Making too much noise, especially after or during certain hours can be considered a criminal offence, and the last thing you need, is the police showing up at your door and giving you a warning. This is why we always encourage you to get to know your neighbours if you can. If you are planning a little get together, or a ‘housewarming’ party, then maybe you should visit your immediate neighbours to inform them of your plans.

If you cannot speak Romanian, you should ask a friend to help you translate. This way, if the noise gets a little too much, or if the neighbours become upset, they can reach you and it’s more likely that you will settle any discomfort in a constructive manner.

Also, networking with your neighbours can also be helpful in protecting the security of your new home, as well as going a long way to creating a happy and productive place to live.

That being said, even if you move into a desirable area, you may end up living next door to someone who wants to share their music with their neighbours and this can be a real problem, especially if you cannot speak Romanian.

Dealing with Anti Social Behaviour

You should be prepared to ask the owner of your future property about the neighbours and if there have been any complaints. The good thing is, most apartment blocks have certain times in which loud music is not allowed. These quiet hours or “Interval de liniste” should be respected by all residents, including you. These are hours which have specifically been designated and in most cases are protected by law.

If you are renting and experience anti-social behaviour or repeat issues of loud music coming from a neighbour in an apartment, you should ideally have a discussion with the property owner and they will usually raise your concern to the apartment administrator.

If you’re renting a house or property which has been divided, it might not be possible to discuss your concern with the owner of the property and in most cases, there will not be an administrator for such situations. Before calling the police, you should try visiting your neighbour either in person if you think you can manage the conversation, or with a friend who can translate. After all, you’re neighbours and having a good relationship with them is key to having an enjoyable experience renting a property.


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