Deciding to work with an agency or an owner is also an important choice. Depending on your circumstances, it’s possible that only one of these are actually an option, but both come with advantages and disadvantages.


Agencies, often have more properties available, and can take care of a majority of the initial paperwork They usually speak English and also know the areas very well. However, they will charge a fee for their services, which usually amounts to around 50% of the first month’s rental price.

If money is no object, we recommend working with an agent, but be prepared to pay both your initial deposit for the rental property, which is usually one month’s rent, the agent’s fee and the cost of moving your belongings. For example, for renting an apartment for €200, you’ll need to pay  €500 (approx 2,320 lei~) up-front, which includes your first month’s rent.


Working directly with the owner of a property can be very advantageous, especially when it comes to keeping initial costs low. You can find property owners that speak English, but a majority of the time, it’s beneficial to have a friend or colleague present who can assist you with translation when necessary.

There are no agency fees or commissions which need to be paid when renting a property from the owner, but you do lose some of the added protection that an agent offers you. For example, a majority of property owners don’t have completed contracts, which means that both you and the property owner are open to risks associated with changes of terms or additional costs.

Finding individual property owners can be difficult, but one of the most common places to check for personal rentals is via, followed closely by Facebook, however, Facebook prices can sometimes be higher, due to the fact that there is often more demand.