Finally, we are open for business! Washeria is a self service laundromat in Cluj, open every day of the week from 7 am until midnight. You can now clean your laundry using one of our high tech washing machines or dryers.

The machines are made by Schulthess, a long established Swiss company. The detergent and conditioner are on the house. You only have to bring your laundry. The detergents we use are from BUFA, a German company that produces professional cleaning products.

Washeria - Self-Service Laundrette Cluj

There are two kinds of washing programs: short (30 min) and professional (45 min). You can wash and dry your laundry in just one hour. For the moment you can pay with cash only. You are welcome to try our service and don’t forget our motto: Save Time, Enjoy Life

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Business Information

  • Open Hours: 7am – Midnight (all days)
  • Address: Str Petru Maior 15-19, Cluj-Napoca
  • Telephone: +40 744 887 766
  • Email:
  • Website:



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