We’ve got HipMenu and Food Panda, but it looks like we have a new service arriving in Cluj! However, they won’t just be delivering food, they’ll be delivering, almost anything you can think of. Introducing, Glovo. It’s a Spanish start-up founded in Barcelona in 2015. It is an on demand service that purchases, picks-up and delivers anything that is ordered through the app by independent couriers, called “Glovers”.

According to Romania-Insider.com, around 80,000 burgers were ordered by residents of Bucharest in just seven months from the launch in Romania and a total of 300,000 products, across 8 categories were ordered through the Glovo app.

Glovo - Cluj-NapocaPeople using Glovo can order food and drinks, pharmacy products, books among many other things. The app even has an “Anything” option, where users can request a courier to buy some things and have them delivered.

The service also allows for the delivery or collection of other items from home, a friends or an office, just in case you happen to forget something and cannot travel to collect them.

According to General Manager, Victor Răcariu, of Glovo Romania, “One user has asked us to send a courier machine to help him reboot the car’s battery. Orders that require users to pick up their glasses or laptops forgotten at home, bouquets of flowers or last minute gifts are very common.”

We’re looking forwards to seeing the inventory filling up on their website, which has already been prepped for Cluj-Napoca. Check it out here: https://glovoapp.com/en/clj/ 

The service will also be expanding to Timisoara and Iasi.


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