Foodpanda, which merged with hipMenu last year, as a food delivery service in Cluj, has offered to provide free delivery for orders from any restaurant which is listed as “accepting vouchers”.

They are also advising to pay online with your payment card, to avoid exchanging bank notes, which acts as a possible way method of transmission.

Most restaurants have already changed their delivery service charges to free, in an aim to encourage people to continue ordering from their restaurants, but now Foodpanda has stepped in to fill in the gaps, where possible.

Use the following voucher code when ordering at any restaurant which “accepts voucher”, for free delivery: STAUACASA

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COVID-19: Romania Declares State of Emergency

As COVID-19 cases exceed 100, Romania prepares to decree a State of Emergency as new government is sworn in, in the fastest time in 30 years.

Romania closes borders and limits people’s movements to stop virus spread.

Starting today (March 22nd, 2020), Romania will close its borders to foreign citizens, in an aim to stop the spread of COVID-19. In addition, shopping centres and malls are forced to close, and people’s movements outside of their homes will be restricted under military order.