A night out that’s 20,000 leagues under the sea: Cluj-Napoca’s submarine bar complete with torpedoes, control panels, periscopes, visible pipes, bolted metal doors, radars and maps takes you on a journey into the deep

Our place has a very unique steampunk and industrial design, I don’t really want to write more about this, the place speaks for itself. We were even featured in the UK’s Daily Mail!

We have a really large range in drinks, the bar includes up to 150 different cocktails. I highly recommend to try out the house’s specials. We also organize parties every weekend, the music range is wide in the different parties from the hardcore techno to the funky Hip-hop you can catch everything.

Our place has a very unique design, a combination of steampunk and industrial design with a submarine theme. There’s not much need to write too much about this, you can see from the photos, just how spectacular Submarine really is! If having music ranging from hardcore techno to funky hip-hop being played from a a DJ booth looking more like an anti-aircraft gun isn’t something to check out, then our experiencing our fully-stocked bar is the next place should be, with over 150 different cocktails and highly recommended house specials!

We organise parties every weekend and expect to see you here! You can find us in Piața Unirii. next Subway restaurant.

Business Information:

  • Address: Strada Piata Unirii, Nr.2, Cluj-Napoca, 400133
  • Business Hours:
    • Wed-Thur: 5pm – 1am
    • Fri-Sat: 6pm – 5am
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