Mayor wants to organise experimental festival with 5k people

Cluj-Napoca mayor, Emil Boc, has informed that he would be willing to carry out an experimental concert with 5,000 people, to see how coronavirus spreads in such situations.

No Quarantine, but tougher measures as COVID cases in Cluj-Napoca reach over 6/1000.

Cases have now reached 6.57 per 1000 inhabitants in Cluj-Napoca, as revealed by DSP Cluj on March 23rd, 2021. However, the mayor informs that there will not be any lockdowns, saying it would be “fatal” for the city. DSU is planning to discuss changes to measures on March 25th.

Mayor Announces “Free” public transport on Fridays

Cluj-Napoca mayor, Emil Boc, has informed that he has been discussing with CTP (Public Transport Company), to allow residents of Cluj to enjoy free public transport every Friday, starting from April.

Meet the Mayor 2020

Primaria Cluj-Napoca, in Partnership with the Cluj-Napoca International Committee, held the annual “Meet the Mayor” event, this time through Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cetățuii Landscaping Concept revealed

Cluj-Napoca Mayor, Emil Boc has presented a concept of how the Cetățuii (Fotress hill, where Belvedere hotel is located), would look, following a contest in partnership with O.A.R (Ordinul Arhitecților din România / Order of Architects in Romania).

LOCAL ELECTIONS: Over 70% of votes for Emil Boc with PNL receiving over 40% county-wide.

Polling station votes have been counted across 182 polling stations in Cluj-Napoca and show that Emil Boc has won the local elections, meaning that he will continue being mayor of Cluj-Napoca.

Giving Cluj a Facelift, one tax at a time!

Anyone visiting Cluj over the past couple of years, has likely seen a lot of renovation activity taking place on a number of buildings around the city, and there’s no coincidence.