President, Klaus Iohannis issues statement following March 29 protests.

President, Klaus Iohannis condemned actions of those who participated in protests against the restrictions and “attempted to politically seize the protests and turn them in vectors to spread hatred, xenophobia and antisemitism”.

President’s Press Statement includes possible COVID-19 Updates

President Klaus Iohannis, made a press statement on March 9th, in which he addresses a number of topics such as investments in hospitals, jobs and also the likelihood that the current curfew will be changed to 10pm instead of 11pm as cases continue to rise in Romania.

President Assures Romanians, “No Total Lockdown” over Holidays

Romania’s President, Klaus Iohannis, has stated that there will not be any total lockdown now, or over the holidays, but that localised lockdowns may be set up in areas where the case numbers remain high.

CORONAVIRUS: Numbers start to increase in Romania with 36 deaths in one day.

On July 21st, Romania record the record high of 36 deaths, attributed to COVID-19, which is the highest number since the pandemic hit the country, on July 22nd, this figure was still quite high, at 27 recorded deaths. However, the number which appears to have started to indicate a concerning increase, is the number of reported cases. On July 22nd, Romania recorded 1,030 new cases, up from  994 new cases on the 21st and 681 new cases on 20th.