A former industrial building redefined as an independent art space houses performing and visual arts activities. The Paintbrush Factory is renowned for its artistic community and renovation of the space. You can visit exhibitions, see a play or get a sneak peek of artists working in their studios. If you are into art, you can’t miss this. The artists, galleries and organisations are jointly engaged in delivering relevant cultural content, both to the artistic community and to the wider audience. Members of the community are often involved in cultural and urban policies in the Romanian context. As an interdisciplinary setting, it houses various events from different cultural fields – exhibitions, theatre, contemporary dance, creative workshops, screenings, concerts, alongside projects involving the local community and art in the public space. Beside organising our own activities, we also host events of our partners. Check the programme on the site before visiting and make sure there are exhibitions on show!

The Paintbrush Factory - Cluj-Napoca


Good vibes, finding inspiration and maybe even the right people, while surrounded by a library of contemporary art magazines and the smell of good coffee – starting October 5th 2017 we roll out a new and free coworking space right in the heart of Fabrica, aimed particularly at cultural workers and other creative freelancers.

The Paintbrush Factory - Cluj-Napoca


Pilot is a project space launched in 2016, conceived as an independent platform, dedicated to experimenting with new working formats and exhibition models. Through Pilot, we try to provide an open context and to encourage collaborations through curatorial programmes, artistic projects, interdisciplinary approaches and exchanges between artists, curators, performers, and cultural managers.
Galeria Plan B opened in Cluj in 2005 and then in Berlin in 2008, initiated by Mihai Pop and Adrian Ghenie. Plan B is a production and exhibition space for contemporary art. As a research centre focusing on Romanian art of the last 50 years, Plan B also reveals works of remarkable artists that have not been previously exposed to an international audience.
Lateral ArtSpace is a non-profit artist-led exhibition and project space. It is dedicated to local, national and international emerging artists, was founded in April 2012 and is coordinated by three Romanian artists: Dragoș Bădiță, Cristina Curcan and Lucian Indrei.
RAFT art space is the smallest exhibition space, contained within our library, presenting contemporary art in all its forms since 2017. RAFT is an artistic project of Alina
Andrei and George Roșu, which first started in Brașov in 2016.

The Paintbrush Factory - Cluj-Napoca


AltArt Foundation promotes the impact of culture on societal development through research, debates, networking and policy work. AltArt projects deal with topics related to public space, urban regeneration, identity and social relations in the digital space.
GroundFloor Group is a project-based company, producing works by director and choreographer Ferenc Sinkó, mixing art forms and interdisciplinary thinking between theatre, dance, video and music.
ColectivA promotes active culture through its projects, workshops and interdisciplinary productions, in Romania and abroad. Amongst their main activities are the Temps d’Images festival, which focuses on drama, dance and video and ‘La Terenuri’, a community project in one of the neighbourhoods of Cluj.
Cercul Întreg is a project dedicated to alternative education, focusing on the expression of the body through capoeira Angola and dance, musical expression through percussion, improvised and capoeira music and plastic expression through drawing, modelling and sculpting.

The Paintbrush Factory - Cluj-Napoca

Business Information:

  • Address: Henri Barbusse 59-61, Cluj-Napoca
  • Telephone: Cristina Bodnărescu (Event Coordinator), +40 735 869 697; Helga Thies (Gallery Visits), +40 0727 169 569
  • Website: fabricadepensule.ro


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