If you’re looking to expand your understanding of the human figure in a relaxed and friendly environment, the Life drawing studio is the perfect place for you. The weekly sessions held on str. Tipografiei, nr.1 welcome artists of all levels who want to benefit from the presence of a model.

The open life-drawing studio is conceived like a club for teenagers and adults who don’t have a personal studio. It answers to a growing need on the part of the art-loving public and it’s an opportunity to build experience in working from nature, at your own pace. Expect to form friendships with people who share the same passion.

open life drawing studio - Cluj-Napoca

Figure drawing is a timeless practice that captivated the Great Masters of the past precisely because it poses a challenge. We all struggle at first, but the more you practice, the easier it will be for you to engage with the subject in new ways. With each sketch, you’ll develop your observation skills by gaining insight into the visual relationships of weight and balance, light and shade. In time, your perseverance will show in the work you produce. Each model is different, which pushes you to focus on their features, to understand the shapes in front of you and to translate this information in your drawings.


The class is non-instructional, so everyone can pursue their own artistic goals without pressure. Experienced artists will be sure to find a perfect space to create, whereas beginners are encouraged to talk to others or to ask for advice in order to become comfortable with this craft. In addition, useful study materials are available on the studio’s Facebook page and can be sent to your inbox, upon request. A drawing class is right for you even if you’re simply interested in a fun and recreational activity. It promotes mental agility, spontaneity whilst, at the same time, taking your mind off problems.

Open life drawing studio - Cluj-Napoca            Life drawing - Cluj-Napoca

Practical Information:

The group meets every Thursday, from 18:00 to 20:00 h in a well-lit room, which can host up to 20 people. There are no easels, but you can bring a portable one if you like. It is advisable to bring your own materials: drawing pad/ cardboard and paper, pencils and other tools, even though sketching paper is included in the fee. Keep in mind that the hours are subject to change, due to other events taking place at the venue or to unforeseen circumstances. To stay up to date with the latest announcements, please follow the Facebook page.

Life drawing- Cluj-Napoca

In a glance:

  • Audience: 14+ years
  • Location: str. Tipografiei, nr. 1, 1st floor, ap. 3. – The headquarters of an NGO, Education Studio
  • Time and place: Every Thursday, 18-20h
  • Fee: 25 RON (from which five RON go to the model)
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/lifedrawingcluj

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