According to the Amiral Vasile Urseanu Astronomical Observatory in Bucharest, the total lunar eclipse, which happens when the earth’s shadow is cast onto the moon’s surface, will be visible from Romania.

Simulation of the appearance of the Moon just before, during and just after the eclipse.

During the night of Jan 20-21, starting at 4:36am, the moon will begin to enter the Earth’s penumbra, and the moon will begin to dim with visible changes visible starting at 5:34am, when the moon will begin to pass into the earth’s deeper shadow.

The total eclipse is scheduled to start at 6:41am and will be at the peak being at 7:12am. The moon will be positioned very close to the horizon, which means you’ll not be able to get a good look of it from lower ground or surrounded by larger buildings.

The next lunar eclipse will take place on July 16th 2019, however, this will be a partial eclipse. On average, a total lunar eclipse will happen a bit more frequently than twice every three years. Every three and a half years, two total lunar eclipses will happen within the same year.



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