Just like with Electric Castle and Jazz in the Park, organisers of Untold Festival have taken the decision, based on events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, to postpone the festival until 2021.

Their official statement highlights the fact that the decision will likely be met with hurt and sadness, however, the decision has been made to guarantee the safety of those who attend the festival.

The continued by saying, “Unfortunately, this year came with a challenge that caught everybody off-guard. The COVID-19 pandemic gave everybody mixed feelings, but we kept our hopes high that things will return to normal until August & we will be able to see you, the ones we love, this summer. At the same time, our top priority has been & always will be the health, safety & well-being of all of you, our UNTOLD heroes, our team, partners & everybody involved in the UNTOLD story.

We asked the authorities to let us know, as soon as possible, whether or not we are allowed to organize our festival this year, seeing that in most countries affected by the pandemic in Europe, events for this summer got canceled by Government decisions.

With all the uncertainty that exists in the events industry in Romania, still having strict conditions under which people can work together and, most of all, due to a recent law project issued, but not yet approved, by the Ministry of Culture that forbids events with over 1000 attendees until the 31st of August 2020, we strongly believe that we have to be responsible and take a final decision, bringing clarity to all of you waiting for our events this summer.

UNTOLD is about the joy of being with your friends, about being part of the best crowd in the world, and any restrictions in this regard wouldn’t allow you to fully live and enjoy this experience.

With our hearts broken, but with the certainty that it’s for everybody’s safety, we have to inform you that we will postpone this year’s edition of UNTOLD for 2021. We are all sad and hurt, yet at the same time confident, knowing that what has been keeping us believing since 2015, will help us overcome any situation. Our love & passion will always triumph.

Untold ticket holders were given the opportunity to convert their tickets into an “Anytime Pass” and transferred into a ticket for the 2021 festival, or receiving a voucher.

The announcement concluded by saying, “As soon as we announce the dates for UNTOLD 2021, you will have 30 days to make a choice. The voucher can be used for buying UNTOLD products. Refunds can be made between October 1st 2021 & December 31st 2021. You’ll receive more details via email.“, as well as suggesting that there will be some special events planned during the interim to help keep excitement levels high.


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