4 Years after Robbie Williams’s last concert in Romania, he will be returning for the 5th-Year Anniversary of Untold Festival.

The British artist holds more Brit Awards and Echo Music Prize awards than any other artist and has a career dating back to 1990.

Known to be one of the best entertainers our times, he’s sure to provide an incredible experience at this extra special Untold Festival edition, which already has a line-up of some of the world’s most well-known artists, including:

Untold 2019 Lineup

During a Press Conference held on Monday, Untold Manager, Bogdan Buta said, Next week we will announce the festival’s schedule and announce the day on which Robbie Williams’ concert will take place. We have a variety of artists and we have a lot of artists to announce.”

He continued by highlighting the fact that Robbie Williams, alone, sells out entire stadiums all over the world, and that Untold organisers have been in discussions for over a month to ensure that all the necessary conditinos were met.

About Untold Festival

Untold is the largest annual electronic music festival held in Romania and has been taking place in Cluj-Napoca since it was created in 2015.

In the first year, more than 240,000 people attended and grossed around €20 million in revenue.

By 2018, the attendence had grown to over 355,000.

How to buy tickets

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