As of July 1st 2019, segregation of waste is required by law. This is aimed at reducing pollution caused by waste production and storage, reduce consumption of non-renewalable resources and as well as reducing energy consumption.

This article should provide you with almost everything you need to know about waste disposal in Cluj-Napoca following the changes to confirm with ordinance OUG 74/2018.

Different Kinds of Waste

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Plastic & Metal
Cluj Waste Disposal and Recycling

To be collected in yellow designated trash can or bag. Plastic containters (PET) should be rinsed clean with water. In the event a container cannot be cleaned, it can be disposed of within the general waste container (Black).

Examples: Plastic cups, plastic boxes, plastic foil and bags, plastic protection packages, plastic toys, plastic bottles and aluminium cans, kitchen cutlery including disposible cutlery.

Do not combine products of made from both metal and plastic, construction polystyrene, boxes and cants with paint leftovers, thinners or other dangerous chemicals. Also, no medical waste.

Paper & Cardboard
Cluj Waste Disposal and Recycling

To be collected in the blue designated trash can or bag.

Examples: Magazines, newspapers, flyers, boxes, photos, egg cartons, pizza boxes, drink cartons (Tetrapack) etc, these should be dry and empty.

Do not dispose of paper and cardboard containing food residues, wipes and used kitchen paper towells. Also, not glassy wrapping paper.

Cluj Waste Disposal and Recycling

To be collected in the green designated trash can or bag.

Examples: Glass packaging or jars (without cap / lid), glass packaging from cosmectics etc.

Do not dispose of mirrors, windows, porcelain products, ceramic materials, crystal or heat resistant containers etc. This should also be cleaned before disposal.

General Waste
Cluj Waste Disposal and Recycling

Everything which cannot be recycled as already outlined, can be disposed of within the black general waste container.


Scraps of food (meat, dairy, vegetables, eggs), disposible diaperes, absorbent material, residues / excrement of pets, contents of vacuum cleaner bags, cigarette butts, used wipes, very dirty packaging, ceramic shards and prcelain material, dirty ashes and materials from stoves, garden plants / vegetable debris if treated with pesticides, treated or painted wood.

Special Waste

This section explains what you need to do, in order to dispose of other items or materials, not already outlined above.

Vegetable Waste

Examples: From trees, shrubs, hedges, mowing grass etc.

At Blocks:

Vegetable waste resulting from the pruning of green spaces related to owners of owners (Public Domain) is stored on the green space, in the area with auto access, with respect to the periods of grooming and with the announcement of the service of green spaces on the following numbers:

030 (Interior 4440) on working days (Monday-Wednesday | 8am-4pm, Thursday | 8am-5:30pm, Friday | 8am-2:30pm) or 24 hours:
• 0264-984 Mayor’s phone
• 0264-955 Local police dispatch

At Houses:

Removal of material will be done by the sanitation operator, with fees, on the basis of request.

Bulky Waste

Examples: furniture, carpets, mattresses etc.

Collection is made free of charge under the collection campaigns on the basis of a set schedule. Outside the established programmes, collection will be made on the basis of a request, with fees.

Textile Waste

Examples: clothes, footwear etc.

Worn clothing and footwear can be deposited in the containers of Caritas Cluj Association (Asociației Caritas Cluj) | 0752 055 046 |

Construction Waste

Examples: Building or Demolition materials etc.

Removal with fee by the sanitation operator at the request of the beneficiary.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Examples: Batteries, lightbulbs, computer equipment etc.

Their collection is made free of charge by the sanitation operator at the points of household / underground platforms and the fixed fixed collection points, where they can be submitted on the last Saturday of each month between 9:00-1:00. PM.

Fixed Points (fitted with green containers) at the following locations:

• Strada Bucium – in the vicinity of CTP Cluj-Napoca bus depot
• Platoul Sălii Sporturilor „Horia Demian”
• Str. Meteor – str. Observatorului, nr. 107
• Strada Bobâlnei, nr 62-64

WEEE also is also collected at SIGUREC Manual Collection stations located in the Piața Ira și Piața 1 Mai, Monday to Friday, between 8:00-5:00. PM.

Collection Timetable

Recyclable Waste

Company: S.C. Brantner Vereș S.A.
Phone: Telefon: 0364 999

General Waste

Company: S.C. Rosal Grup S.A.
Phone: 0264 987

Sanctions / Fines

In the event that any individual or block has not performed the correct separation of their waste materials, they will receive a sanction as outlined below:

  • Individuals: 1,000 – 2,000 lei.
  • Legal entities: 20,000 – 40,000 lei

If waste is not collected correctly, the collection tariff will also increase by 25%.

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