On Friday, July 19th, 2019, the Cluj-Napoca City Hall gave the order to start working on the design and construction of “Parcul Tineretului – Pădurea Clujenilor”, which will be a new park situated within the Iris disctrict of Cluj-Napoca.

Iris is a largely industrial district of the city, but has recently seen more residential and office buildings being converted, so this park will be a much-desired enhancement to the area, which tends to fall into one of the less desirable places to live at present, mainly due to the large industrial developments, limited leisure activities and transport links.

The project was awarded to SC Nord Conforest SA – Proiect Construct Regiunea Transilvania SRL and the value of the contract is 15,987,325.64 lei (approx €3,385,397) excluding tax. The deadline for the design is 90 days, and the project should be completed within 19 months.

“Pădurea Clujenilor – Parcul Tineretului” will cover an area of 213,004 sq/m and will be used as a recreational park, leisure center and an ideal environment to explore nature and the environment, in addition to creating a new eco-system.

Parcul TineretuluiThe location of the park is just off of Bulevardul Muncii, located between Strada Voroneţ and Bulevardul Muncii nr. 239 and will boast the following features:

  • Plantations for soil stabilisation
  • Large trees
  • Decorative areas for activities
  • Sloping area with shrubs and decorative plants
  • Urban garden area
  • Sport Facilities

Parcul Tineretului Cluj-Napoca SignThe park will also provide facilities for people with disabilities, parking area, night lighting within the car park and the main access route. Bicycle parking and electronic charging stations are also available.

There will also be a large “Cluj-Napoca” sign erected at the back of the park, at the highest point.

The work will involve planting new vegetation, relocation and protection of existing utilities as well as provision of new utilities where neccessary.

The total investment is 22,861,202.24 lei (approx €4,841,571) and is funded through European funds under the 2014-2020 Regional Operation Program, which covers supporting sustaininable urban development and reconversion / redevelopment of degraded land, vacant or unused.

There were plans 10 years ago to develop this area into a park, but due to the financial crisis, the plans failed and since then, the land has remained undeveloped.

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