Abous us

Our journey

Welcome to Cluj-Napoca.XYZ — the dedicated pulse of Cluj Napoca and Romania’s heartbeat. Our journey began with the simple goal of bringing forth the vibrant, complex, and dynamic stories that this historical region offers to an international audience. Cluj Napoca News isn’t just about the city’s bustling energy; it’s the embodiment of Romania’s soul, from the misty mountains of Transylvania to the buzz of Bucharest.

Our values

At Cluj-Napoca.XYZ, our core values are ingrained in the pursuit of journalistic excellence. Integrity, accuracy, and insight are the cornerstones upon which we build our stories. We believe that a well-informed global community is an empowered one, so we strive to present the news with both context and clarity. Through in-depth analysis, engaging storytelling, and a commitment to the truth, we aim to be your trusted source for Romanian news.

Our teams

Our team is a mosaic of seasoned journalists, local experts, and passionate storytellers, each bringing unique perspectives and skills to our newsroom. Headquartered in the heart of Cluj Napoca, our staff includes locals and internationals united by a love for Romania and a commitment to impartial reporting. With backgrounds that span from investigative reporting to multimedia journalism, and with a network of contributors throughout the country, we ensure that every story we cover resonates with authenticity and depth.

Our commitment

We at Cluj-Napoca.XYZ are deeply committed to the communities we serve. Understanding the transformative power of media, we take our role seriously to not only inform but also to contribute to the growth and well-being of our society. We actively seek to highlight stories of innovation, cultural heritage, societal milestones, and everyday heroes shaping the future of Romania.