26 hospitals were affected by the cyber attack. Most have resumed their activity

The Minister of Health reported that most medical facilities have resumed their activity after the cyber attack at the beginning of the week. In total, 26 medical facilities were affected, 24 state and two private.

Most hospitals have resumed their activity after the cyber attack – Photo Archive

In the great majority they resumed their activity. In total there were 26 sanitary units, of which 24 were public and two were smaller private. From the data we have from the National Directorate for Cyber ​​Security, we discussed just now, I understand that most of them have resumed their activity“, said Alexandru Rafila, the Minister of Health, according to Agerpres.

The minister emphasizes that this kind of attacks should be prevented.

I think the most important thing is to try to prevent such consequences in the future. As you know, the Bit Defender company offered such solutions for free for a year, but within a year the digitization that we carry out in the health system, which also includes hospitals and public health departments, and of course we have to includes the National House of Public Health, I hope they will offer us solutions that minimize such consequences“, stated the Minister of Health.

We remind you that several hospitals across the country were directly targeted by a cyber attack by hackers at the beginning of the week, and another 79 hospitals were disconnected from the Internet, to analyze whether they were affected or not. The Hippocrates system, used by more than a hundred hospitals in Romania, which allows doctors to enter patient data to generate unique analysis reports for each patient and where hospital accounting information is also entered, was attacked with a virus ransomware type. The hackers demanded a ransom of 3.5 Bitcoins, which is about 157,000 euros, but DNSC recommends not contacting the attackers and not paying the ransom.