A corner of heaven hidden in the Bucegi Massif. The route is accessible regardless of the season VIDEO

A corner of heaven hidden in the Bucegi Massif is becoming an increasingly popular destination for nature and adventure lovers, regardless of the season. It can also be enjoyed by hiking enthusiasts and thrill seekers.

Ridge Climbing SOURCE Hikingbeast

With its source in the Bucșoiului Mic Ridge, also known as the “Dragon's Ridge”, the valley stretches sublimely below the Bucșoiu Mare Peak, reaching a level difference of about 100 meters, below the Bucșoiu Mare Peak (2492 m) in Bucegi.

The ascent of the valley takes about 3-5 hours, in summer, from Poiana Bucşoiului to Omu (E. Cristea), and in winter it takes a little longer.

The climb, directly on the wire, is interrupted by a few jumpers who either approach directly or go around. On stable snow, the ascent of the valley is easier if the jumpers are covered.

“Valea Bucșoiului is steep and very friable in the last part. The jumps are more difficult to pass than those on Valea Albă, but similar in difficulty to those on Valea Mălinului or Valea Gălbinele. Valea Bucșoiului is rated with classic grade 1B. All the jumpers as well as the approaches are very well described by Zoly in this article, where I found all the clues I needed to climb Valea Bucșoiului without fumbling too much“, according to greuladeal.ro.

However, the upper part of the valley is quite inclined, so the difficulty of the route is maintained and requires appropriate equipment, corners and ice ax, possibly a rope / rope for insurance (depending on the state of the snow).

Trail to be ticked both in winter and summer

The route from Bucegi offers a unique experience to be seen in Romania, being accessible both in summer, when the intense green of the forests and alpine meadows takes your breath away, and in winter, when the immaculate snow and the silence of the mountain envelop you in a fairytale atmosphere.

In summer, hikers can follow marked paths that wind through varied landscapes, from coniferous forests to imposing cliffs and alpine meadows, where the Bucegi flora and fauna can be admired in all their splendor.

In winter, Valea Bucșoiului turns into a white paradise. The frozen landscape is of rare beauty, and the serenity of the place is interrupted only by the crystalline sound of the stream that runs through the valley.

For those who wish to explore this natural wonder, proper equipment and adherence to mountain safety rules are recommended. Regardless of the season, Valea Bucșoiului remains an unparalleled destination, promising memorable adventures and landscapes that will remain imprinted in your soul.