A famous Bengali fell in love with Bucharest: “It's one of the coolest cities in the world”

Nadir Nibras, a young Bengali living in America, posted a series of videos on Tik Tok about Romania, and caused a stir with his knowledge of our country's history, declaring himself fascinated by Bucharest.

Nadir Nibras declared himself delighted with Bucharest PHOTO video capture Tik Tok

Nadir Nibras is a well-known travel documentary filmmaker and content creator with numerous awards under his belt. He grew up mostly in Bangladesh, then lived in the US for ten years and has been traveling around the world since 2020.

The young Bengali is internationally recognized for his ability to convey the atmosphere of each place he visits, while providing an authentic and engaging insight into his experiences.

Nadir recently visited Romania again and described Bucharest as “one of the coolest cities in the world“.

“A big tech city”

In a post posted on TikTok, the young man shared his impressions of Bucharest and told his followers interesting details about its history and culture.

“Today I'm in Eastern Europe, in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, a city that, in my opinion, is one of the coolest cities in Europe and probably one of the coolest cities in the world that I've been to. I've actually been here before four years ago and had a great time, and last night I finally went back. So in this video I'll explore some of the coolest spots in the city and tell you some fascinating stories about the city's history.” Nadir begins his story.

The documentary maker describes in detail what it's like to travel on an old tram and the experience of paying by card in such a public transport.

“I was on the tram earlier and it looks so old. For a second I thought it might be from the communist era. He's not, but he's about 21 or so. But the good thing is that you can go in and pay by card, so you don't have to get a ticket or pay with cash or go through all that trouble. It's some kind of machine where you have to go and insert your credit card. It's a pretty fascinating system. In fact, I had never seen anything like it anywhere else until I came to Europe this summer. Honestly, I am not surprised that it is already in Bucharest, because Bucharest is a big technological city”, Nadir explained.

Delighted with sarmale and shaorma

One of the most enjoyable moments of the visit to Bucharest was tasting some of the most beloved traditional Romanian dishes: sarmalele.

At a local restaurant, Nadir ate sarmale with chicken, explaining in detail the composition of this Romanian dish: minced chicken meat, wrapped in vine leaves, with cream, hot peppers and polenta.

Nadir also enjoyed a chicken shawarma, enthusiastically promoting the dish to his followers as well.

Both dishes conquered the Bengali, who declared himself extremely pleased with the taste of the dishes.