A fight between a teacher and an office colleague. They were both fined

The scandal started on Thursday between a teacher and a sports teacher at the school in Păuleşti commune, Prahova county.

The police intervened

Two sports teachers, a woman and a man, ended up fighting because of misunderstandings between them. and they found the boxing ring right in the premises of the school in Păuleşti commune, Prahova county, where the two have classes.

The teacher says it all started after her colleague allegedly got angry that she was late to class and slapped her across the face.

She reacted and later they started hitting each other. Following the blows she received, the woman called 112 and was later transported to the hospital for medical care.

“On March 7 of this year, the police officers of the Rural Section No. 3 of the Ploieşti Police were alerted by a woman about the fact that she was physically assaulted by her work colleague, while she was in the Păuleşti commune. From the checks, it emerged that between the two, a spontaneous conflict broke out generated by the man's dissatisfaction, at which point he allegedly slapped her across the face, later
attacking each other.

Following the altercation, the woman was transported to a medical facility to receive specialized medical care, without remaining hospitalized.” according to IPJ Prahova.

The two were fined by the Police for violating the norms of social coexistence, order and public peace.