A PSD deputy from Mehedinți moves to AUR

Deputy Cornel Vasile Folescu, elected to Parliament on the PSD lists, announced his resignation from the social-democratic group and joined the AUR parliamentary group, according to a document discussed by the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies.

Cornel Folescu went to AUR FOTO Facebook C.Folescu

Folescu's departure was known since the end of December, but now it is also materializing through the steps in the Parliament. “Qit gives me great pleasure to announce, together with my colleague, the deputy of Dolj Daniel Gheba, new people joining the AUR project. It is Mr. Deputy Cornel Folescu, who assumed the position of head of campaign in the European Parliament elections. We are glad that the deputy has come following a public appeal that we made from the rostrum of the Parliament: those who want to fight on our side should come now, not when we are in power! I believe that with this coming the first position in the municipality of Drobeta-Turnu Severin is at stake and I believe that the contribution of deputy Folescu will be a substantial one for AUR to win the elections here in Mehedinți”Simion stated at the end of December.

Cornel Folescu is in his first term as a parliamentarian, during the period 2016-2020 he was deputy mayor of the city of Drobeta Turnu Severin.

Also on Monday, the parliamentary group of the AUR party announced the exclusion of parliamentarian Dumitru Coarnă. On Sunday, Dumitru Coarnă and some members of the AUR Călărași organization announced their resignation from the party led by George Simion. Coarnă accused the management of refusing to establish county branches.

For his part, George Simion accused Coarnă of violating the party statute, by the way he behaves.