Adidas withdraws the shirt with the number 44 of the German national team from sale due to the similarity with a Nazi symbol

The sportswear manufacturer Adidas intends to withdraw from its stores the shirt with the number 44 of the German national football team due to the fact that the number has been stylized in such a way that it brings quite a lot of Nazi symbol, writes DPA, quoted by Agerpres.

Adidas logo, Adidas Facebook PHOTO

“For sure we will block the customization of shirts onlinee,” Adidas spokesman Oliver Bruggen said.

Netizens have noticed and criticized the fact that the number 44 is too similar to the symbol of what used to be the Schutzstaffel (SS), a paramilitary organization founded by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

“We actively oppose anti-Semitism”

Adidas was heavily criticized, but Bruggen said that “The Football Association (DFB) and its commercial partner 11teamsports are responsible for the design of the names and numbers“, on t-shirts.

“People from approximately 100 countries work at Adidas, and the company is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. We actively oppose xenophobia, anti-Semitism, violence and hatred in any formBruggen said.

According to him, “The company firmly rejects any suggestion that it did so on purposet”.