Adrian Nour, in a new electrifying show about life beyond the curtain BONJOUR, BONNE NUIT, PARIS!

The National Operetta and Musical Theater invites the public on February 4 to the electrifying performance BONJOUR BONNE NUIT PARIS! Adrian Nour introduces you to life beyond the curtain

BONJOUR BONNE NUIT PARIS Photo source National Operetta and Musical Theatre

Anton Zidaru, Cristina Trandafir, Adrian Nour, Gabriela Daha, Daniel Madia in the main roles

On February 4, the National Operetta and Musical Theater Ion Dacian presents BONJOUR, BONNE NUIT, PARIS!, an electrifying show about the unseen side of the artistic world.

The show offers a fascinating perspective on the vibrant life behind the curtain of a great Parisian theater. If you've always wondered what happens until the time of a long-awaited premiere, on Sunday you can find out the answer, watching the sparkling show BONJOUR, BONNE NUIT, PARIS!

The February 4 performance brings to the public a top cast that includes Anton Zidaru, Cristina Trandafir, Adrian Nour, Gabriela Daha, Daniel Madia and other soloists, along with the choir, ballet and orchestra of the Theatre.

The story is centered on the preparations for a big show, and during the course of the action it is revealed with verve and laughter what is happening behind the curtain: the troupe of a famous professional musical theater in the city is in full rehearsal for a new show, called “Bonjour, bonne nuit, Paris!”

The premiere is approaching, tickets are already sold, sets and costumes are still being worked on. These are common occurrences in the life of a theater, but the real problems are only now beginning.

The manager informs the entire troupe that he will have to find another venue as it will be closing for the time being. What will happen?

Will the theater troupe be able to stick together and pull off the announced and already sold out show? For more details about our shows and the 2023-2024 season, visit the theater's website:

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Conductor: Alexandru Ilie Director: Victor Bucur Theater director: Anton Zidaru Guest prima donna: Cristina Trandafir Star tenor who is late: Adrian Nour First soloist of the Theatre: Gabriela Daha Feminine tenor: Daniel Madia Diva in the farewell show: Gladiola Nițulescu Lamatic The always elegant baritone: Marius Mitrofan Theater actress: Oana Rusu Timid tenor: Florin Budnaru Voluptuous soprano: Tina Munteanu Theater actor: Valentino Tiron Alex, prop artist: Florin Ganea Georgette, costume designer: Letitia Vlădescu Technical director: Marius Meragiu