Anonymous claims the global outage of Facebook and Instagram was a “cyber attack”. The huge amount Meta loses in a minute

Anonymous announced that the worldwide outage of Facebook and Instagram on March 5 was the result of a “cyber attack.”

Hackers at Anonymous say Elon Musk profited huge from the fall of Meta PHOTO Shutterstock

Some of the world's most popular social networks went down yesterday, March 5, and people say they were logged out of their Facebook accounts without warning.

Naturally, Lad Bible writes, everyone took refuge on X to talk about it.

X boss Elon Musk couldn't help but laugh at his social media rival as everyone started posting memes of them rushing from one social media platform to another to ask the same thing .

Also on X, formerly Twitter, Anonymus announced: “A cyber attack is happening right now on all American social media platforms.”

Meta loses $256,849 every minute the services are down“, Anonymous continued.

They shared a screenshot from the Downdetector website that showed the sudden increase in the number of people complaining that Meta sites were down.

However, for many users, these sites have recovered, although some people have been asked to log back into their accounts after being logged out during technical problems.

Meanwhile, US figures for Facebook showed complaints reaching 581,244, while complaints for Instagram reached 91,997.

Whether or not it was a “cyber attack” as Anonymous claims remains to be seen, as Meta said it was a “technical issue”.

Andy Stone, Meta's director of communications, said: “Earlier today, a technical issue caused difficulty accessing some of our services. We have resolved the issue as quickly as possible for everyone affected and apologize for any inconvenience.”